Swiss Integration Journey

All-in-one service for foreign nationals moving to Switzerland

Using our 25 years of experience to help foreign nationals settle in Switzerland. 

Step 1

Language and cultural courses

Learn one of the four official languages of Switzerland and familiarise yourself with Swiss culture thanks to our dedicated programme.

Step 2

Fide test

Take your fide test at our accredited fide test centre.

Step 3

Swiss integration

Our professional coaches work with you to help you find a job, sign up to school or university and achieve your personal and professional goals.

Step 4

Requirements to live and work in Switzerland

Discover all the requirements to live and work in Switzerland and benefit from our administrative advice and support.

Step 5

Swiss do’s and dont’s

Understand the Swiss etiquette in order to integrate well in your new country.

Five steps

for settling in Switzerland with your family!

What’s included?

Our languages courses and taking your fide test.

Our Swiss culture course.

Our bespoke settling-in service: administrative support, job-hunting, …

Our partner support, to help your 'other half' settle in Switzerland as well.

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