Welcome to Switzerland Pro

Help your non-EU/EFTA employees settle in Switzerland quickly thanks to our dedicated language and cultural solution.

Help non-EU/EFTA employees settle in Switzerland quickly

Your employees will learn one of the official Swiss languages thanks to our classes focused on daily life. They will also get a good understanding of the Swiss culture thanks to our intercultural lessons. Thanks to this double approach, they will be able to adapt easily to Swiss life.

Good to know: "Welcome to Switzerland” meets the Federal Act on Foreign Nationals and Integration and fide requirements.

Adapting to your employees’ needs

In order to facilitate your team-members' installation, we adapt our programme to:

  • Their schedule, to plan your classes when they’re available, at home, at our language centre in Nyon, at your workplace or online.
  • Their current linguistic level, thanks to a pre-course linguistic audit.

Our engaging fide approach

Learning one of the official Swiss languages easily

Your team-members will become fluent in French or German thanks to our “Welcome to Switzerland” programme.

Our classes will help them acquire practical skills in French or German. They will be able to express themselves easily in their day-to-day life, and at work. We incorporate role play and practical sessions at the shop, the pharmacy or the post office to help them understand their new life much better.

Understanding Swiss culture

Our programme includes intercultural classes to help your colleagues understand practical aspects of Swiss life. The country’s organisation, its school, health and monetary systems, its gastronomy and eating habits, its housing, its transport will not have any secrets for them anymore. They will know the Swiss do’s and don’ts to integrate well in their new town and country.

Enjoying an immersive experience thanks to our Digital Learning platform

Alongside their language and culture classes, your team members will enjoy unlimited access to our immersive Digital Learning platform, including:

  • Our interactive French or German video classes and engaging podcasts, customised to their personal interests, their jobs and missions.
  • Hot-of-the-presses news videos. You will be able to learn the most up-to-date vocabulary thanks to the news content added weekly to your platform.
  • Personalised vocabulary and grammar content library. You will build your understanding of French or German thanks to our wealth of resources.
  • Our fide resources to help them prepare for their test whenever and wherever they want

Good to know: You will have access to reports to assess their progress on the platform.

Preparing for and taking their fide test

"Welcome to Switzerland" meets the Federal Act on Foreign Nationals and Integration requirements to prepare your teams for their fide test. They will learn practical language skills in one of the official languages in Switzerland (French or German), and familiarise themselves with the Swiss culture to settle in quickly, take their fide test and obtain their permit. Our programme includes our classes, a mock fide test and taking the fide test at our accredited language centre (or at your offices, if you meet certain requirements).

What does fide mean?

fide, which means “French, Italian and Deutsch” (German), is the official program promoting language integration in Switzerland. It focuses on Swiss culture and everyday life. It is a federal undertaking, which helps people who don’t speak French, Italian or German:  

Develop the necessary language skills. Ensure sufficient proficiency in one of these languages. Settle in their new country quicker.  

Each expat/newcomer must take the fide test, which assesses their languages skills, to obtain their B/C permit or start their naturalisation process. A network of professional experts, instructors, schools, training centres, local authorities and specialised companies help deliver the fide program across Switzerland. Following the fide council’s directives, they train non-EU-EFTA nationals and assess their skills to ensure they can integrate well in the Swiss Confederation.   

Helping your colleagues’ partner settle in

Your employees’ installation success relies as much on their integration as well as their partner’s. It is therefore essential to help them settle in their new life in Switzerland. They can easily follow their own, bespoke programme, adapted to:

  • Their schedule, by choosing between private and group classes, or distance learning.
  • Their linguistic level.

Our effective B2B process


Identifying common goals

between the HR team, the manager and the employees: this will allow us to define the linguistic level your employees need to achieve to take their fide test and get/renew their permit.


Linguistic audit

to identify your employees’ current linguistic levels and adapt our course to their requirements.


Language courses

adapted to your industry, your goals, your colleagues’ current level and the fide requirements.



we carry out regular audits and satisfaction surveys to provide you with progress reports throughout the course. This ensures you can easily evaluate your ROI.

Why choose Formations&Co?

A bespoke programme:

We adapt our “Welcome to Switzerland” programme to your team members’ schedule and their linguistic level.


We schedule our private classes when convenient for your colleagues.

Fide-accredited language instructors:

Our language instructors all hold a diploma, are under EduQua certification and are fide-accredited.

Proven client satisfaction:

We are proud of our 98.7% satisfaction rate (average from our customer satisfaction surveys between 2019 and 2021).

Our B2B services

B2B language courses

We offer private or group language courses, in-person or remote. These courses are adapted to your HR goals, your industry and your team’s linguistic levels.

Linguistic coaching

Our bespoke language learning service. We base our curriculum on your colleague’s work documents to build a 100 % personalized to their job, their missions, their linguistic level, and their goals.

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