Speak’Pro – Professional Language Courses

Our exclusive and innovative method to learn languages faster!

Courses available in 13 languages

*other languages available on request

Reduce staff training time by 20%

Thanks to our unique and innovative method, which combines adapting to learning preferences with professional coaching, your employees can go up one language level in 40 hours (on average), compared to 50 hours using a traditional method!

Personalised, professional language courses

Adapted to your employee's learning preferences

Before the course starts, we identify your employee’s learning preferences using our MyLEA analysis. This unique and innovative analysis enables us to identify and select the most relevant learning methods for your employee. Our language trainer will then use these methods during lessons to facilitate learning and ensure rapid progress.

Adapting to your employee's current language level

We carry out a language assessment prior to the course to determine the learner's current language level. We then adapt our in-company language courses to the learner's level, to motivate them throughout the programme.

Adapting to your employee’s useful language level

We identify the language level your employee needs to reach in order to be effective in their professional role. We create unique language courses, tailored to your employee's needs, so that they can quickly progress from their current level to their required level.

Adapting to your industry

All our courses are adapted to your activity sector : our trainers use the learner's work materials to explain grammatical rules, provide the most relevant vocabulary and increase conversational fluency.

Coaching to unleash your employee’s linguistic potential

If we notice your employee is encountering psychological obstacles that are preventing them from making rapid progress, we will offer them language coaching. This support helps to remove these obstacles and ensure that your employee’s self-confidence and performance improve over the long term.

Total linguistic immersion with our innovative digital learning platform

Your employee can enjoy unlimited access to our engaging digital learning platform on request. This will create an immersive linguistic experience, alongside their language courses with our trainer, thanks to: 

  • Video-classes, podcasts and resources adapted to your industry and your colleague’s job and missions. 
  • Vocabulary and grammar workshops to improve their technical language skills. 
  • Our personalised vocabulary and grammar content library. You will build your understanding of your new language thanks to our wealth of resources.  

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