Vocational language courses

Private language courses tailored to your professional goals, language level and learning preferences!

Courses available in 13 languages

*other languages available on request

Language courses tailored to:

  • Your professional goals.
  • Your current language level.
  • The language level required to achieve your goals.
  • Your learning preferences thanks to the MyLEA analysis.
  • Your availability.

We help you succeed!


We discuss your professional goals:

Are you preparing for a job interview ? A career move ? Would you like to improve your command of a foreign language in a professional context? Together, we will define your goals in order to create a language course adapted to your needs.


We analyse your learning preferences and language level

We identify your learning preferences using our exclusive MyLEA analysis. We then carry out a language assessment before you start your course, so that we can adapt your lessons to your current level and learning preferences.



We adapt to your availability:

Do you want to study at home? At our language centre? Remotely? Our tutors adapt to your preferences and to your timetable.


We adapt to your goals:

Our language courses are tailored to your goals, which means you will learn only the vocabulary you need to succeed. Our trainers emphasise practical situations and adapt their learning methods to your preferences so that you can progress quickly!


Total linguistic immersion with our innovative digital learning platform

You will have access to our innovative digital learning platform to quickly improve your language skills in-between classes thanks to:

  • Our interactive video classes and engaging podcasts customised to your personal interests and your job.
  • Our hot-of-the-presses news videos. You will be able to learn the most up-to-date vocabulary thanks to the news content added weekly to your platform.
  • Our personalized vocabulary and grammar content library. You will build your understanding of your new language thanks to our wealth of resources.


Good to know: By watching videos, listening to podcasts and accessing your personalised content library, you reach different milestones on the platform, clearly indicating how quickly you are learning and improving!

Why choose Speak’Pro?


We tailor our courses to your goals, your language level and your learning preferences to make your progress easier and faster.


You can schedule your lessons whenever you want between 7:00 am and 8:00 pm from Monday to Friday. We can teach classes at home, at our language centre or remotely depending on your preferences.

Expert language instructors:

All our professional trainers are qualified and eduQua certified.

Customer satisfaction:

We have a satisfaction rate of 98.7% (average of satisfaction questionnaires between 2019 and 2021).

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